Privacy Policy (‘PM’) is committed to clearly communicating our privacy policy to consumers who use our services and visit any of our online sites (, ). The purpose of this statement is to inform our visitors of the kind of information we may gather, and how we may use that information. By using our services you consent to the collection and use of your information as described in this Privacy Policy, which was last updated on June 10th, 2014. We reserve the right to change our policy at any time for any reason.

Marketing Partners

IS services are typically used by other companies (“Marketing Partners”). These companies may hire us to collect data and/or take photos and videos of consumers and onsite visitors. The Marketing Partners that hire us may have a separate Privacy Policy that differs from the IS Privacy Policy described in this statement. Please refer to the Privacy Policy link on the page where your photo or video is displayed, and on the web pages of any advertisers or Marketing Partners you may visit or provide personally identifiable information to. IS does not control the Privacy Policies of any of its Marketing Partners.

Permission Based Marketing

IS encourages permission-based marketing. Some Marketing Partners notify consumers that by participating in activities, they may be granting permission to be solicited via email and direct mail. At the web sites of both IS and our Marketing Partners, you may have the opportunity to request additional information, communicate with other sponsors, opt-in to further permission-based marketing lists, or link to the sites of other advertisers. Each Marketing Partner or advertiser may have a separate Privacy Policy. Please carefully review the Privacy Policies of other participating firms, to ensure that you are fully aware of how they might handle your information.

Providing Information:

You may have the option to disclose information and/or answer survey questions. Personal information may include your name, address, company, title, email, phone number, and other demographic or preference information. Survey information requested by Marketing Partners may differ from survey to survey and may cover a wide range of questions.

Policy Concerning Children Under the Age of Thirteen

IS may take photos and videos of participants of any age, but, in compliance with existing and proposed laws, we do not desire to collect any personally identifiable information from children under thirteen years of age. If you are under thirteen, please do not provide any information of any sort. If IS discovers that a child under the age of thirteen has provided any personally identifiable data, it will delete all information collected on that child. If you are aware of any information provided by a child under the age of thirteen, please follow the instructions in the section of this Privacy Policy titled “Requesting Removal of your Photo or Video” to contact us.

Privacy of your Photo or Video

Your photo or video is displayed on a semi-private web page that is generally inaccessible except through a system-generated URL that is forwarded to your email address or by entering a unique code into a web form. In exchange for receiving a free photo or video, you grant both IS and our Marketing Partner the right to use your image and likeness for marketing and promotional purposes, unless you specifically request removal of the photo or video from our system by the method described below. In most cases, you can invite others to see your photo or video by entering their email address(es) into the proper fields on the photo or video display page and clicking the “Submit” or “Send photo or video” button. IS will then send an email to your list of invitees containing the URL that links them to your photo or video. Your invitees are able to forward that URL to others without your consent or knowledge. IS does not warrant that you are protected from irresponsible or intentional actions of third parties. Users can post your photo or video to various social networks by clicking certain links or buttons on your photo web page or video web page. Other sites may have alternate privacy policies that apply to media displayed on their site(s).

Requesting Removal of your Photo

You may request removal of your photo or video at any time from our web services by simply visiting the support web page on our site and selecting “Request to delete my photo or video from the system” from the pulldown list. You must fill in the entire form for us to be able locate your photo or video. If available, include the URL at which you viewed your photo or video (which is typically provided in the body of an email sent to the email address you submit when you retrieve your photo or video). Upon receipt of the completed web form, we will remove your photo or video and confirm its removal via email.

Photo and Video Content

Our services are intended for good, wholesome fun! IS does not condone or knowingly allow the capture or forwarding of obscene, vulgar, pornographic, or offensive photos or videos. In some cases, our photos or videos are captured in a completely automated or semi-automated fashion. Photo or video content may or may not be reviewed by our staff as it passes through our system. Thus, while IS will remove any known offensive material, we make no warranty, express or implied, regarding the content of captured photos or videos or their appropriateness or inappropriateness for any particular purpose. By using our services, you relieve IS and any of its clients, Marketing Partners or affiliates of any liability or harm that may be caused by the posting of any and all photos or videos posted on the IS website or any Marketing Partner’s web site.

Use of your Photo or Video

Your photo or video may be shared with the Marketing Partner who hired us to provide services. In exchange for receiving a free photo or video, you grant both IS and our Marketing Partner the right to use your image and likeness for marketing and promotional purposes, unless you specifically request in writing that we not use your photo or video in this manner by following the instructions above in the section of this Privacy Policy titled “Requesting Removal of your Photo or Video.”


IS may set and access IS “cookies” on your computer. These cookies collect data while you are accessing hosted web pages. Examples of collected data are: how and when pages are visited, by how many people, other sites visitors click through to, and what their personal preferences are. Our Marketing Partners that display ads on our site may also use cookies. Marketing Partners’ and advertisers’ use of their cookies is subject to their own privacy policies.


Picture Marketing strives to honor a high standard of privacy and opt-in protocol. Other than the emails we send notifying you that your photo or video is ready to be viewed, any ongoing communications will include an opt-out method in the same email.